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Theme: Leaving No One Behind

Local to Global Multisectoral Collaboration for Persons with Disabilities to Realize their Human Rights in Communities


3rd CBR/CBID World Congress 2020 |

The Congress

The 3rd CBR/CBID World Congress in Uganda is a groundbreaking event, emerging at a pivotal time in the history of the global CBR/CBID movement. The time has come for a major global focus point for all stakeholders in CBR/CBID and Inclusive Development to share their voice, demonstrate best practices, document innovations, forge new directions including using digital technology and social media in social action, construct strategic alliances, and formulate innovative disability services. This Congress is the subsequent step to make the aspirations and commitments of global statements on CBR/CBID a reality. It is continuing to build on the progress made earlier in the CBR/CBID congresses focusing on shaping the future of disability services and inclusive development actions globally for individuals with different disabilities.

The main objectives of the 3rd CBR/CBID World Congress 2020 are:

  • To showcase good practices and lessons learned in CBR/CBID and inclusive development (CBID) activities around the world
  • To envision the future role, relevance and terminology of CBR/CBID, inclusive development, and community based disability services globally
  • To identify strategies for action across CBR/CBID at all levels from the individual to the social, including strategies to build capacity and human resources.

The Congress has been specifically tailored to achieve the key objectives and ensure that the event yields maximum benefit. The detailed schedule is still being prepared. Please check the schedule tab for a range of exciting Pre-Congress Workshops which are being planned and for which there will be a small extra charge.

Hosts & Organizers

Government of Uganda, Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGLSD)

Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development
The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development is a Government Ministry with the responsibility to empower communities in diverse areas. The Ministry promotes cultural growth, skills development and labour productivity while promoting gender equality, labour administration, social protection and transformation of communities.

It is comprised of the Social Development Sector (SDS) that promotes issues of social protection, gender equality, equity, human rights, culture, decent work conditions and empowerment for different groups such as women, children, the unemployed youth, internally displaced persons, the older persons and persons with disabilities.

Other Organizers

National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda

National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda

International Disability and Development Consortium

International Disability and Development Consortium

World Health Organization

World Health Organization

Registration Form

To register for the 3rd CBR/CBID Congress, please fill in the form below.

Please note, the registration form will be accepted only when the registration fee is paid in full.


Early Bird

$ 300 USD

  • 1st January 2020 - 30th April 2020

$ 350 USD

  • 1st May 2020 - 30th July 2020
Ugandan citizens

$ 100 USD

  • 1st January 2020 - 30th July 2020

$ 30 USD

  • Pre-Congress Workshop

$ 50 USD

  • Pre-Congress Workshop

*All Bank Charges are to be borne by the Delegates.

Payment Details

Account No- 9030015353294 - USD

Account No- 9030015353073 - UGX

Bank Name: Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited

Bank Branch: Acacia Mall Branch

Account Name: CBR Africa Network (CAN)-3rd CBR World Congress

Physical Address: Faculty of Special Needs, Kyambogo University

Branch address: Acacia Mall P.O.Box 7131 Kampala, Uganda

Branch Code: 031087

Swift Code: SBICUGKX

Venue & Accommodation

Imperial Beach Resort Hote

The 3rd CBR/CBID World Congress will be held at the Imperial Resort Beach Hotel, Entebbe, Uganda. We suggest that you book the recommended hotels to avail the discount prices as soon as possible.

Uganda Travel & Visa Information



CBR Global Network (CGN)

c/o ADD India, 19th Cross, 2nd stage
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Plot 2 Mpigi Road
Entebbe, Uganda

CBR Africa Network (CAN)

P.O. Box 114, Kyambogo,