A memorandum of understanding was established between CAN and CGN, defining the role of each one in organizing the Congress. A National Organizing Committee (NOC), an International Organizing Committee (IOC), and a Technical Committee (TC) have been formed, with the NOC responsible for carrying out the activities in Uganda, IOC responsible for carrying out activities connected with the Congress globally, and the TC responsible for calling for abstracts, reviewing and selecting those suitable for the Congress, and for the organization of the Congress Programme.

The members of the NOC are:

  • Abdul Busuulwa, Executive Director, CBR Africa Network
  • Maholo Carolyne, Congress Coordinator
  • Edson Ngirabakunzi, Executive Director, NUDIPU
  • Alex Ndeezi, Honorable MP for Disability
  • Batesaki Barbara, CAN Founder Member
  • Guzu Beatrice, National Council for Disability
  • Kamya Julius, Equal Opportunities Commission
  • Ssekandi Robert, Uganda National Action on Physical Disability
  • Alice Baingana Nganwa
  • Marieke Boersma, Light for the World, Secretary CGN
  • Svein Brodtkorb, the Norwegian Association of Disabled(NAD)

The members of the IOC are:

  • Balakrishna Venkatesh (Venky), Honorary President CGN, Joint Congress Organizer
  • Carolyne Maholo, Treasurer CAN and Congress Organizer
  • Marieke Boersma, Secretary CGN, Light for the World
  • Joerg Weber, Global Advisor, Community Based Inclusive Development, CBM
  • Alarcos Cieza, Coordinator, Disability Team, WHO.
  • Setareki S. Macanawai, President, Pacific CBID Network.
  • Farida Yasmin, Executive Director & Founder, Disabled Rehabilitation & Research Association
  • Vanessa dos Santos, President, Down Syndrome International
  • Zulma Myriam Ferreira Servin, Decentralization Director, National Secretary for the Human Rights of People with Disabilities.
  • Steven van Berlekom, Disability Director, Liliane Foundation

The Chair of the Technical Committee is Dr. Mary Wickenden, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Development Studies (IDS), UK.


  • Mary Wickenden
  • Joerg Weber
  • Damodaram Kuppuswami,
  • Karen Heinicke-Motsch,
  • Alaa Sebeh,
  • Pascal Ahidjo,
  • Ansha Nega,
  • Pim Kuipers,
  • Toyin Aderemi,
  • Salam Gomez,
  • Fatma Wangare, and
  • Ánderson Henao Orozco.